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Domestic hardware tool industry unique charm
Time:2020-03-25 17:20  Views:
  Hardware and tools industry as the backbone of the hardware industry, but also in a faster pace, forward development. China's hardware tools industry has many advanced predecessors, there are many promising youths, in short, the entire arena called Gaoshourulin, they in the wind and rain, rivers, lakes and each show theurgy, win fame and position. Made in China has come to every corner of the world, China's hardware products also sweep foreign markets, in the world, showing its own unique charm.
Mainly engaged in various kinds of wrench, pliers and other hand tools production and operation. Wendeng power of the products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions, there are more than 500 domestic sales outlets. Wendeng power tools Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968, has more than 40 years of production history.
Over the years, the power company has been focusing on technological progress and scientific and technological innovation, adhere to "forge ahead, the long-term management" business philosophy, to the quality and credibility to win the trust of customers, in order to improve the grade of products, and constantly develop new products expand domestic and foreign markets. Aim to establish a manual processing base with advanced world level, and make the contribution of the revitalization of Chinese national industry.. The enterprise has the technological development center of the provincial level, has the strong new product development ability. Advanced equipment manufacturing, forging, machining, heat treatment and other advanced equipment. The product uses a variety of advanced technology, have meet the need of different parts of the world, different grades, different requirements.
Wendeng power of success is persistence and innovation, every step of the road is solidly, lay a solid foundation in their own. Is the domestic tool hardware industry the largest, technology and channel of the most powerful one of the leading companies. Become Asia's largest, the world's top six hand tool companies in the world market to get their own voice. Hangzhou star Polytron Technologies Inc is a professional engaged in high-end hand tools, electric tools and other tools hardware product development, production and marketing of enterprises.