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Our hardware tools industry need to find a new roa
Time:2020-03-25 17:19  Views:
Facing the market competition day, hardware companies if of channel establishment, not enough attention to the promotion and maintenance of brand; after-sales guarantee, after-sales service is not in place, or basically no after-sales service will directly affect the enterprise's long-term development. Service is the most important. With good products and good reputation, the appropriate brand promotion, establish their own sales channels, through agents, media cooperation and other ways to brand promotion. This requires the use of individual hardware companies to tap the wisdom of their own sales approach.
Our hardware companies tend to pay more attention to foreign export markets, for the domestic market is not so concerned. Often foreign markets sell good brands, but in the domestic but unknown.
Two market, you have the help enterprise smooth and sustainable development. In OEM production and accelerate industry restructuring and technological upgrading, improve product quality, to create its own brand and famous brand. In Europe and the United States and other foreign markets, the economy has stalled today. More attention to Asia, Africa and Latin America, sales in third world countries, of course, market of China, the largest developing countries should pay attention to it.
Vigorously develop the range finder, pneumatic tools, garden tools, electric tools, hand tools, measuring tools, desktop tools, focus on the development of high-grade refined car with car tools, construction hardware, combination tools, kitchen electric tools products, accelerate the formation of many varieties, specifications, and a series of core technologies and products, focusing on the development of independent intellectual property rights, to promote the success of the industrial structure transformation and upgrading.